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In each Super Mario 64 course you will need to collect 7 Power Stars.

You get 6 of these for completing challenges including beating bosses in some of the course, and the final one for collecting 100 coins.

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To start off talk to the Pink Bob-Omb in front of you and he will tell you that the Big Bob-Omb has appeared on The Summit.

Follow the path, crossing the bridge and bypassing Chain Chomp until you reach the foot of the Summit.

Just be cautions of the water bombs that are being launched at mario throughout this level.

***JMAN’S SECRET SHORTCUT*** Climb the Summit’s gauntlet of rolling boulders and when you come to a hole in the Summit wall, jump inside and you will be warped to the top of the Summit. Once you’ve reached the top, talk to the Big Bob-Omb (after he finishes yabbering!!) – the fight will begin.

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The Big Bob-Omb has the power to chuck you off the Summit – so be careful!

*CAUTION* If you fall you will have to climb the Summit again.

The Big Bob-Omb takes three hits to defeat. To hurt him – run around him and pick him up from behind and throw him on to the stadium.

***Note from JMan*** If you throw Big Bob-Omb off the stadium – he will jump back on and will not be hurt).

After you have successfully defeated Big Bob-Omb he will explode and the Power Star will appear.

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For this star, talk to the giant Koopa and when he asks you to race choose “Go!”.  You will then begin a race to where the Big Bob-Omb was at the top of the Summit.

Follow the path like before (See Star 1) but DON’T TAKE THE SHORTCUT! If you do Koopa the Quick will call you cheater and not give you the star.

Just traverse the mountain as fast as you can without getting hit by any of the boulders. When you beat him he gives you the Power Star (and the title “Human Rocket!”).

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This time the Power Star is on a floating island in the sky.

How do I get to a floating island in the sky you might ask!?! Well, talk to the Pink Bob-Omb near the start of the course, and he will open the cannons for you. Go to the Summit, about half way up is a cannon. Use I to get to the island in the sky.

On the island is a yellow [!] mystery box. Bash it and out pops the Power Star.

***JMAN’S SECRET CANNON TIP*** Aim the cannon scope directly for the red coin above the tree to land perfectly or if you are really good you can aim directly at the yellow box on the island.

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These 8 Red Coins are tricky!

Red Coin #1 – Follow the path at the beginning of the course until you reach a red arrow sign (just past the bridge). Turn around and the coin is right there.

Red Coin #2 – From Red Coin #1 head left towards the Chain Chomp – he has a Red Coin on top of his leash pole.

Red Coin #3 – Head back towards the arrow sign and go straight ahead to a group of Goombas and a big silver rock. Climb up to the top of the rock to find this Red Coin.

Red Coin #4 & 5 – Go back to the Chain Chomp and follow the path over the rickety bridge – don’t go up the steps, instead turn left – you will see two wooden pillars. Two of the Red Coins are hidden behind them.

Red Coin #6 – Go up the stone steps into an area with lots of Bob-Ombs. Up ahead is the second red arrow sign. It tells you to go straight ahead – instead, jump off the cliff to your left – you will end up in a mini-cave like area with a Red Coin and a floor switch (the floor switch is nothing important – it just opens the door).

Red Coin #7 – Head back up to the second red arrow sign and continue straight ahead until you see the third red arrow sign – it tells you to go right – instead, charge up a sprint and run straight up the hill. About half way up there’s a Red Coin ***JMAN’s CAUTION *** Be careful the surface is slippery!!!

Red Coin #8 – Once you reach the top of the hill, turn right and follow the path behind you. Watch out for the rolling cannonballs. You should reach a cannon that is already active. Cross the small bridge behind it and you will reach another cannon. Use this cannon to shoot yourself to the island in the sky. On top of the tree is the 8th and final Red Coin.

The Power Star appears back near where Red Coin 4 & 5 was. Just use the cannon on the island to get down there quickly.

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This star requires the boxes containing Wing Caps to be activated, so you need to go to the Wing Cap Course in the Castle Lobby.

But, there is one problem; you can’t go to the Wing Cap Course until you have at least 10 Power Stars – so first you’ll need to go to Whomp’s Fortress (The door with a “1” on its Star) and once you have 10 Power Stars and activate the Wing Caps you can come back here.

After Wing Caps Are Activated:

Once you have unlocked the Wing Caps go under the bridge and hit the red [!] box. It contains a Wing Cap. Grab it and when you triple jump you will start flying.

Go to the cannon near the beginning and shoot yourself up at the island in the sky (with the Wing Cap this should be easy). Once you are up there, hit the other red [!] box and jump into the cannon on the island.

Aim yourself at the 5 coin rings in the sky and launch yourself. You must fly through all 5 coin rings to have the Power Star appear but don’t worry you can take couple of shots at it. A good aim is the key.

***JMAN’S CANNON TIP*** The 4th ring is slightly higher than the others – so you may need to take two shots.

The Power Star appears on the platform directly below with the Goombas.

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This time the Chain Chomp in the middle of the battlefield has the Power Star. To get it, pound the post that Chain Chomp is attached to 3 times.

***JMAN’S WARNING*** Chain Chomp may try to attack you!

When you set him free he rewards you with the Power Star you pass every time you see Chain Chomp.

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Now you must obtain 100 coins.

To start off locate the 5 coin rings in the sky – each has 9 coins (See Mario Wings to The Sky).

Then collect 8 Red Coins, next grab the 5 coins under the bridge and then go to each of the wooden posts and run around each for 5 coins per post. You should now have 91 coins – if you are a little short – take out a few Bob-Ombs or Goombas who will give you at least one coin each.

***JMAN’S TIP*** If you’re still short of coins – go to the entrance of the Summit, turn left and go to the little circle of flowers near the three trees.  There’s a coin ring around them for another 9 coins!

Lastly get the two coin trails at the top of the Summit which should give you over 100 coins and the Power Star!

Now that you have a few Power Stars you can open up more courses including Cool, Cool Mountain, Jolly Roger Bay and Princess Peach’s Secret Slide.

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To find this secret, enter the Castle Lobby and go up the stairs. Turn right until you reach a door with a 1 on it. Head through the door and you will come to a small room with 3 Princess Peach stained glass windows.

The one on the right is not a window but a warp zone!! Jump into the warp zone and you will appear in the Princess’s Secret Slide.

This is pretty easy – just slide to the bottom and hit the yellow [!] box and the Power Star appears.

***JMAN’S SUPER SECRET*** If you finish the slide in 20 seconds or less you get an extra Power Star!

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Welcome to Whomp’s Fortress! This empire of stone cold killers can be dangerous – so be careful!

To start with climb up the ramp in front of you, avoiding the push walls and moving platforms. Be careful of the Thwomp.

Then climb up the stairs and walk across the falling bridge. Wait very carefully and when the turntable comes to your direction run up and do a long jump off of it – landing on the other platform.

As you turn the corner you’ll see a Whomp in the mood to squash something. As it attempts to squish you jump away and pound the X on its back. This defeats the Whomp.

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After defeating the Whomp – climb up the lift and face the Whomp King.

He informs you that he will no longer be a ‘stepping stone’ and wishes to squish you!

Do the exact same dodge and pound attacks that you did with the last Whomp. After you have pounded him 3 times the Power Star will appear.

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To get this star, climb to the top of the fortress (where the Whomp King used to be) via the steps in Whomp’s Fortress Star 1, however this time the fortress has grown bigger. A new section has been added at the very top.

Once you get there, climb the platforms that stick out of the tower (be careful because some move!) until you reach the last platform. It should carry you to the top of the tower.

Have a look around and you will find the Power Star is on top of the tower.

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To get this tricky Power Star jump onto the yellow ramp at the beginning, but instead of climbing up it, backflip onto the grey ramp above you. Jump off of the grey ramp into the water and follow the water path until you reach a Bob-Omb Buddy with a cannon.

Talk to the Bob-Omb Buddy and he will open the cannon for you. Then, aim at the platform with the pole and the Power Star in the middle of nowhere.

***Note From JMan*** Trust me on this one…. You won’t die! (….unless you have a really, really bad aim!!)

Once you have landed on the platform “safely” you can grab the Power Star.

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To get this Power Star you need to collect 8 Red Coins.  Here are the locations of each coin:

Red Coin #1: Follow the green path until you reach a group of Pirahna Plants.  The Red Coin is in the middle of them.

Red Coin #2: Follow the yellow ramp until you reach the second push block.  The Red Coin is on top of this block.

Red Coin #3: Continue following the yellow ramp until you reach the stairs.  The Red Coin is on top of the second Thwomp.
***JMAN’S THWOMP TIP*** When the Thwomp is down backflip on top of him and he will carry you up to the Red Coin).

Red Coin #4: After you’ve jumped back off of the Thwomp, continue up the pathway to the sleeping Pirahna Plant.  The Red Coin is just behind the Pirahna Plant.

Red Coin #5: Continue up the pathway and instead of crossing the falling bridge walk carefully along the thin ledge.  There is  Red Coin there.

Red Coin #6: Once you have Red Coin #4, step onto the turntable and instead of jumping across, wait until it carries you into a almost a full 360 degree rotation.  Just before you complete a full circle on the turntable you will come across a Red Coin floating in mid-air.

Red Coins #7 and #8: Go back to the very bottom of Whomp’s Fortress and jump into the Owl’s tree.  Have him carry you to the floating island in the shape of an arrow.  Jump across these floating islands and you will find Red Coins 7 and 8.

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This Power Star is a cinch! Jump into the tree near where you start and climb to the top of it and then jump out (make sure you don’t fall off the edge!).

If you did it right an owl will pop out of the tree. Get underneath his shadow, jump and hold the jump button. Then use the control stick to guide yourself to a floating caged island.

Wait until you are directly over the platform and then release the jump button to let go of the owl.

Once you are on the island, walk into the cage – your prize awaits! Another shiny Power Star!

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This is my favourite level in the whole game!

Why?… because you get to shoot Mario head first into a wall (LOL)!

Anyway, go to the pink Bob-Omb Buddy that has the cannon (see Whomp’s Fortress Star 3) and aim yourself at the wall on the far right hand side.

***JMAN’s CANNON TIP*** Make sure you aim at the top right corner of the wall.

Steady….. Ready….. FIRE!!!!! KABOOM!!!

The wall explodes (if you did it right!) and the Power Star appears. Climb to the Power Star and retrieve it!

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So many coins…. so little time!!!

Our Web Goombas are still rummaging through Whomp’s Fortress writing down details of where all the coins are.

Please check back often!

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When you enter the room that has the picture of Jolly Roger Bay in it – instead of going into the picture jump into the hole in the wall to your right.

You will enter a secret level where you have to collect 8 red coins under water. They are pretty easy to find because they are all in a square pattern.

***Note From JMan*** The only way to get air is to get coins so use these wisely.

Once you have all of the red coins the Power Star will appear in the centre.

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